Your estate

Our Customer Contact Team can help with all your general tenancy questions and give advice if you have any problems. For more complex matters, we have five housing managers who can assist: Amber Sleat, Sean Summers, Debbie Maisey, Jennie Greenwood and Gregg Shaw lead by Gerri Summers. Each housing manager is responsible for a different area of the borough.

To speak to our Customer Contact Team, please call 0300 373 0373 and press option 3 or click here to contact us.

If you there is a problem with the standards of your estate, you can report it here:

If you see it, report it


We invite residents to come along to our estate inspections which take place every 3 months at the blocks we manage. This is an opportunity to walk about the block with a housing manager and identify issues affecting you and your neighbours. We will be checking on the cleaning and the grounds maintenance standards as well as carrying out a visual inspection of the state of repair. We welcome the opportunity for feedback and how we can improve the services we provide.

We pick up a lot on our estate inspections, but if you notice something like a lose paving slab or a blown light, there is no need to wait until the next inspection, just report the repair here.

We hope to provide a calendar of walkabouts here, but until we are able to publish them, please call your housing manager on 0300 373 0373 to find out when your next inspection is.

Your Housing Manager

Please look through the list below to find your Housing manager.

You can you use your browser to search the page for your street or postcode to save time scrolling through the list..