Road to wellbeing

Road to wellbeing

Wellbeing describes the way we think and feel about ourselves and others, our confidence and our ability to control things in our life.

Like physical health, we need to protect our wellbeing. By promoting physical activity and providing opportunities for relaxation and social activities we can increase our resilience to cope with life's difficulties and ability to enjoy life. Being in employment and engaged in meaningful activity is an important part of good wellbeing.

It is important to us that our residents are happy and healthy, the information and links on this page are a great place to start if you want to become more active and lead a happier life.

Health and wellbeing

Many of us are finding long periods of time at home and in isolation very difficult there are a number of resources available to those that are struggling:
Ten top tips from the NHS on keeping in good mental health whilst staying at home during the pandemic

NHS Volunteers Service can also provide a telephone ‘check in and chat’ for if you have mental health issues and are feeling isolated. Call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm) or visit their web site to see if you qualify for help All of us are worried about coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it will affect us and those we love. Mind are there to support you and to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect. To find information, help and support visit their web pages at:

NHS Get the latest NHS information and advice about coronavirus (COVID-19) including, checking for symptoms, testing and tracing, self-isolation and treating symptoms, social distancing and people and higher risk:

Finally, if you think you have symptoms, get a test for coronavirus:
Call NHS 119 or visit

Stay Active

Being active isn't always easy to fit into your schedule, but doing just 20 minutes of brisk walking every day can help with overall fitness and weight loss. It also helps you feel good. Even if you don’t feel like it before you head out, once you are outside the exercise releases chemicals that make you feel happier and can help you reflect on your problems.

If you fancy running, why not check out the 5km park run in Woking

If 5km seems too far, you can download a couch to 5k app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store


If running isn't your thing, you might like to look at the cycle routes around Woking at

If you don't have a bike, you can head to the Surrey Bike Project in Guildford for a discount set of wheels. Full details on their website.


You don’t need to go to the gym to stay active. YouTube is full of exercise classes that you can do in the comfort of your own living room. From long Pilates or Yoga videos, to short 5 or 10 minute sessions to help you reduce fat and improve your core, YouTube has a video for it.

The best way to keep fit through YouTube is to search for the type of exercise or the outcome that you want. You might have to look through a couple of instructors before you find one that you like, but once you do, subscribe to their channel for updates and new videos.


Keep learning

It is important to keep pushing yourself when it comes to learning. Whether it's taking a course to improve your chances at getting the next job with a maths GCSE or some IT skills, or pursuing a hobby in photography or cooking, Surrey Adult Learning might hold the course for you.

Click here to go through to the surrey adult learning pages.