Right to buy?

Right to buy

You might be eligible to buy your Council home if:

  • you are in a Woking Borough Council owned property
  • you are a secure or flexible tenant
  • you do not live in sheltered accommodation
  • You have been a public sector tenant for at least 3 years. This might include time you have been living in other social landlord accommodation or with HM Forces
  • we are not taking action against you for anti-social behaviour

You can purchase your home together if you have a joint tenancy, and/or with family members as long as they have been living in the home for at least 1 year prior to submitting the application.

For full details and application forms, please visit the national government website GOV.UK

Right to buy costs

You may be eligible for a discount when you come to purchase your home which depends on the number of years you have been living at the property and is covered in the right to buy guidance link above. However, there are many fees involved with buying your home that are not subject to a discount.

  • Solicitors Fees
  • land search charges
  • land registry charges
  • stamp duty
  • conveyancing fees
  • structural survey fee

If your property is a flat or maisonette, there will be an annual service charge that covers

  • communal repairs
  • communal maintenance
  • cleaning of communal areas and the estate
  • ground rent
  • communal lighting
  • heating charge (if there is a communal boiler)
  • management fee
  • building insurance

Right to buy process

  1. Once you submit your application with all the relevant identification, we will contact you to arrange a short meeting to check the application and discuss the process. Please note; all parties on the application must be present for the meeting.
  2. We will then complete any necessary background and financial checks making sure you are legally allowed to purchase your home. Once this has been completed, you will receive a confirmation on whether your application has been approved or denied.
  3. Woking Borough Council Valuers team will then send out a valuer and begin the process of valuing your property
  4. You will be made an offer including any discount that you are entitled to
  5. If you accept the offer you will be passed to the Woking Borough Council Legal team to finalise the purchase

Full details including turnaround times can be found at GOV.UK

Right to buy FAQ

Can you tell me the property value before submitting my application?

We cannot tell you the property value until the application is processed. If you wish to find out if buying your home is affordable, you can ask a local estate agents to carry out an independent valuation to give you a rough idea of the property price. This may not match our exact valuation but it will give you an idea of the value and how much you will need a mortgage for.


Can my children purchase the property as occupants without myself as the tenant being on the application?

No. Family members can purchase the property jointly with the tenant but not without the tenant. The mortgage would have to be in the tenant’s name along with any family members on the application.


If I withdraw my application at any time during the process can I reapply in the future?

Yes. You can apply as many times as you like however please bear in mind the application process takes time for all departments involved so we would ask that you are in a position to purchase before applying.


If I am on Housing Benefit can I still apply to purchase my home?

Yes however as part of the application checks that take place, if you are on Housing Benefit to aid in paying your rent, this would suggest you cannot financially afford to pay a mortgage. We would not decline your application on this basis however we would inform the Housing Benefit department that you have applied to purchase your home and your financial circumstances would be investigated which may result in your Housing Benefit being suspended and you becoming liable to pay the full rent until your purchase is completed.