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Problem with your neighbour?

To report anti-social behaviour, please complete an online form at the bottom of this page or download an incident sheet:  ASB Incident Sheet [pdf] 75KB

New Vision Homes is committed to tackling all forms of anti-social behaviour by its tenants, members of tenants’ families and/or visitors to tenants’ homes.  New Vision Homes takes reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and wants its tenants to live in a safe community.

Anti-social behaviour is defined in law as conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to any person. To be classified as anti-social behaviour, the behaviour must be persistent. It is also important to establish whether the behaviour is deliberate or unintentional.

There may be a fine line between antisocial behaviour and disputes between neighbours over relatively minor inconveniences, although these may, if persistent, become anti-social behaviour. Anti-social behaviour can include:

  • noise
  • shouting, swearing and fighting
  • intimidation of neighbours and others through threats or actual violence
  • harassment, including racial harassment
  • verbal abuse
  • abusive behaviour aimed at causing distress or fear to certain people, for example, elderly or disabled people
  • animal nuisance, including dog fouling
  • vandalism, property damage and graffiti.

New Vision Homes will investigate allegations of anti-social behaviour and aspire to find a community resolution through working with partner agencies. We take complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously and in strict confidence.

What happens next

Your report of anti-social behaviour will be investigated and if the behaviour is persistent New Vision Homes will firstly try to come to a community resolution. If a community resolution is not found and the behaviour continues or gets worse we will work with partner agencies and may seek legal action.

  • I already have an open ASB case
  • Domestic abuse
  • Violence threats and racism
  • Drugs
  • Noise
  • Parking
  • Littering
  • Restricting communal access
  • Other