Leasehold repairs

As per the terms of their lease, most leaseholders are responsible for any day to day repairs that are needed within their property. If you notice something that needs to be repaired in one of the communal areas, such as the stairway, halls, or bin stores etc. these can be reported in the same way that a Council Tenant would. 

Please call 0300 373 0373 and select option 1 or see our Report a repair page for details.

Major works

Major works are usually large 'one-off' projects designed to extend and improve the life of your building and could include the replacement of old windows or the replacement of a broken lift. Major works may be payable under the terms of your lease.

If the block you are living in is due to have major works, you may be liable for a contribution towards the costs. You will be sent a letter with a Section 20 Notice detailing the works and the amount that you will have to pay. If you are unsure if major works are planned in your area you can head to our major works page.

We understand that Major Works can cost a lot of money, as such Woking Borough Council has agreed to several options in regards to payment plans. You can download the repayment policy here.

If you are unsure of your rights regarding Major Works, or any aspect of being or becoming a leaseholder, you should contact the government run Leaseholder Advice Service.


Major works policy

Major works affecting Leaseholders and arrangement for payment of charges changes to policy.

The policy named Major Works Affecting Leaseholders and Arrangement for Payment was updated in 2018. The new policy is detailed below:

The council's aim when reviewing the policy was

  • To support support leaseholders by providing a forecast of potential future rechargeable major works

  • Offer enhanced payment options which are fair and affordable

  • Ensure that leaseholders individual circumstances are considered when agreeing payment terms

Leaseholders will be provided with a 5 year forecast of future planned major works, updated annually. Estimated costs will be included, but actual recharge costs cannot be determined until after the works are completed.

Undocumented existing procedures have been included in the new draft including

  • provide a five year forecast of major works to a Right to Buy leaseholder at the time of purchase

  • add rechargeable major works costs to the leaseholder service charge account for invoicing


An 'easy payment plan' for charges over £200 will be offered to all tenants, helping spread payments over a period of 1, 2 or 5 years depending on the value, and will be interest free.
Leaseholders who would have difficulty paying the charges under the 'easy payment plan' may request to be considered for other payment options based on strict eligibility criteria, considered on a case by case basis, these include:

  • Limitation Method - If this is applied it will enable charges to be limited to £10,000

  • Voluntary Legal Charge - the full amount, including interest, will be made against the property and become payable when the property is sold

  • Loan - The council can provide a loan for the amount owed, interest will be applied for the term of the loan.

A few exceptions and rules will be applied to these methods of help:

  • The property must be the leaseholders main residence and they must not own another property (this is not applicable to the 'easy payment plan')

  • Sale of a leasehold property will make all outstanding charges due immediately

  • Leaseholders of retirement age or registered disabled do not automatically qualify for the Limitation Method of reducing charges

  • The voluntary legal charge option will apply for charges over £5,000