Content FAQ

Content FAQ

Can I see what a red button looks like?

Yes of course  you can, they look better when they are below the text in line looks a bit weird also you can make the window open up in a new window/tab (preferred) by going into the properties of the link and changing the "target"

What tone of voice should I use?

Try to use a coversational tone, avoid technical terms where possible, but if it is a legal thing, then use the legal terminology. so rather than fenestration - say window, but for succession  - say succession.

What about length?

The aim is to make this as mobile friendly as possible, so avoid long amounts of prose. Try to think what the tenant is going to ask, and then try to answer it in the first paragraph. For rent, people want to pay it now, so the first link is where to go. Then we want people to sign up to Direct Debit, so thats next, then it's all the other methods

How about texts styles?

keep everything left aligned, and use normal text for the body and heading three for any sub headings. If you need to emphasise something, make it bold but try to avoid underlining things or making things italic. underlining things on webpages upsets people, because they are not links, and I dont like italics, so we are going to avoid it.

On the subject of links, just make it a link and the rest will be done for you. buttons are just links with a style attached to them. Talk to me if you need to do a button.

and images?

All images should be appropriately sized before we put them onto the website. this is an example of what happens if they are not.

All images should be the best quality you can find, and they need to be large.

The minumum width should be 900, the height should be about 300. The first bike is the correct hight, not but wide enough, the second is wide enought, but too tall

We also shouldn't be taking them off google images, because we wont have the rights to them. I'll send round a link to all the places where you can get copyright free images.

If you need an image reduced in size let me know. I have a thing on thebig PC where I sit. you can edit them within the CMS, but it's a right pain.

As for images in the middle of text, as with buttons, make them on a new line, but dont worry too much about the size, things can be too big:

big bannerbut they can't be too small

twitter logo   

Is this Heading 3

of course, and this is normal

How do we add a document?

click on the arrow after you find it, take out the file extension but leave the brackets and the size so this:

ASB Incident Sheet.pdf [pdf] 75KB

becomes this:

ASB Incident Sheet [pdf] 75KB

This is general text content

This is general text content

in the accordian style. so it collapses as default, its good for if you have a lot of information and want to keep the page nice and small so people done get overwhelmed.

This is a button 

This is a red button