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Swifts in Woking project

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Over the spring, New Vision Homes installed 30 nesting boxes for Swifts around the borough at Broadway House, Ferney Court, Stream Close and Willow Way.

The nest boxes themselves were made during a carpentry workshop targeted towards troubled youths.

The ‘Swifts in Woking’ project is being delivered to protect and conserve the Common Swift; a migratory bird that travels roughly 6,000 miles from central Africa to the UK to breed and raise their chicks in the summer months. This species has suffered a severe decline in population over the past 25 years, we have lost almost 51% of our swifts since 1995.

There are several reasons for this population downturn, such as:

  • Redevelopment – building renovations and conversions
  • Climate change – several detrimental impacts, such as more prolonged drought
  • Agriculture – intensive use of pesticides & insecticides, damaging insect populations and therefore impacting the abundance of food for swifts

We acknowledge that tackling climate change and the agricultural industry is a monumental challenge. Where we are able to directly help is on the side effects of redevelopment. Swifts like to nest and brood their chicks in cracks and crevices in buildings. Renovations to buildings mean that swifts find it harder to find places these cracks. With the installation of these boxes we have provided potential homes for these majestic birds.

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