Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is where you swap your home with another Council tenant or Housing Association tenant. You can do this with someone in Woking, or anywhere nationwide.

Your application to swap will only be approved if

  • You are a Woking Borough Council tenant
  • You have a secure or flexible tenancy
  • You have no outstanding debt with us
  • There are Court Orders or Notices against you
  • You have not broken the tenancy agreement in your current home
  • The person you are swapping with also passes these checks

We will also check if the home you are moving to is suitable for your needs, for example, a single person would not be eligible to move into a 3 bedroom house, and an abled bodied person would not be able to move into a house that has been heavily adapted for a person with disabilities.

Other things to consider

When you agree to a Mutual Exchange, you are taking the property "as seen" meaning you will be responsible for decorating, and any damage to fixtures and fittings at the new address, you will be liable for the cleanliness of the property and the removal of any pests.

How to apply

To apply for a mutual exchange you need to register on Homeswapper


Homeswapper is also a great place to meet other people who want to swap, their blog has some tips on what to do to make your home more attracitve to other people on Homeswapper   

Once you have found the person you want to swap with, you should contact us on 0300 373 0373 to get an application form.

After both parties have submitted their forms, we have 42 days to process your application. In those 42 days we will arrange an inspection of the property and an electrical check to make sure there is nothing dangerous. If we are unable to make these checks, you application may be rejected.