Major works

Major works are usually large 'one-off' projects designed to extend and improve the life of your building and could include the replacement of old windows or the replacement of a broken lift. 

As a tenant, the costs of these major works are included in your rent, there will be no extra charges to pay.

If you are a leaseholder, we have detailed how major works are charged at the bottom of the planned works page in the leaseholder section of this site.

Stock condition surveys

New Vision Homes has a responsibility to maintain the properties that it manages on behalf of Woking Borough Council. To help with this objective, New Vision Homes carries out a programme of Stock Condition Surveys. The Stock Condition Surveys look at the age and condition of numerous components (roofs, windows, doors, etc) that make up a building. Having this information enables New Vision Homes to plan for when these components need to be replaced or have significant maintenance.

We wish to notify you that we are planning to do replacement or significant maintenance works to the shared areas of the blocks in the below list. The dates against each block indicate the financial year when we are planning to carry out the work. This estimated date is subject to change.

The type of work we are planning will include, but is not limited to, roofing, communal windows, parking areas, pathways, fencing, entrance doors, and decoration. The reason for undertaking work is, as a minimum, to maintain the property in line with the Decent Homes Standard. In addition, we wish to maintain the building and surrounding area in a condition that make Woking a safe and desirable place to live.