Garden safety tips

  • Protect yourself from electrocution by always using a Residual Current Device (RCD) when operating electrically powered garden tools and mowers
  • Avoid poisoning and chemical burns by storing chemicals for use in garage or garden safely out of sight and out of reach of children, preferably in a secure cabinet

  • Reduce the risk of small children drowning by securely fencing or filling-in garden ponds or water features and always supervising children near water.

  • Avoid accidents and injury when doing DIY tasks by always operating within the range of your skills, ability and experience. Always use personal protective equipment including gloves, goggles, helmet, and facemask and safety shoes as appropriate and recommended for the task and follow manufacturers instructions.

  • Avoid injury from falls by always checking a ladders condition before use and using at a safe angle (1 in 4).

  • Avoid injury from sharp garden tools to users or children by keeping them in good repair and safely tidied away after use. Keep children safely away whenever using lawnmowers, doing DIY projects or household repairs.

  • Prevent accidental poisoning or injuries to yourself or others by carefully following manufacturers’ instructions when using weed killers, adhesives and solvents. Never transfer to alternative containers that could confuse and lead to poisonings.

  • Prevent injury from trips, slips and falls, by providing safety rails and barriers to changes in garden levels and ensure all paths and steps are level, stable and free from moss

  • Avoid uncontrollable fires by always siting bonfires and barbecues well away from fences, sheds and trees. Supervise children all the time.