Fire Safety

Fire safety

Many of the shared areas in the blocks we manage have items left in them, for instance prams, bikes, pot plants or pictures. Following consultation with Woking Council and fire safety experts, there will be a stricter approach to what can and cant be left in the shared areas going forward.

The final decision on what is acceptable to be kept in the shared areas rests with the Council. There are many factors which can influence what is or isn’t acceptable, such as the location of the items in relation to the fire escape routes and how combustible those items might be.

Inspections will take place in the shared areas from the week commencing 2nd October. If you have any items outside your front door in the shared areas, please take a moment to think whether it is safe for the items to be left there. During the inspections, items deemed to pose a potential fire risk may be removed without notice although we will always try to knock on your door first before removing anything. If any of your items are removed, they will be photographed and placed in storage.

You can arrange to collect the items at a later date although there may be a charge applicable if there was a cost incurred by NVH to remove the item.

This robust approach is considered preferable to a zero tolerance approach which would mean that no items can be left in shared areas whatsoever.

Surrey Fire and rescue Service have lots of advice about staying safe in your home, from installing smoke alarms, To having an escape plan in the event of a fire.

‚ÄčThey will even come out to your property and check to see if you are fire safe: